College Students May be Risking Their Lives on Fishing Vessels

There are lots of activities that college students can get into. Some would get into sports while others do some crafts. But there are the most adventurous college students who go fishing. Fishing is definitely among the most exciting and fun activities that students may get into. It is also relaxing as the scenery of the sea or water can de-stress the eyes and mind. But would you go fishing on a fishing vessel? College students can be taking a lot of risks of taking a fishing vessel.
There are many reasons why college students would go on a fishing vessel. It could be for travel, adventure, or for fishing and sea trips. However, students should be warned of the possible dangers that fishing vessels may give them.

Risks Involved in Fishing Vessels for College Students

1. Students have no safety classes

Fishermen who use fishing vessels take safety classes every five years, but students do not. This is very risky as students do not know the safety precautions of taking on fishing vessels.

2. Students do not know emergency drills

Fishermen do monthly drills, so they are aware of what to do in cases of emergencies. Students are not knowledgeable about these drills as it is still needed to be practiced over and over again. In case emergencies occur in the fishing vessel, the students will not know what to do to survive and be safe.

3. Students do not know if the fishing vessel is maintained and legit

Fishing vessels often go through wear and tear, especially if it is always being used. There are also fishing vessels that do not have proper licenses and permits, meaning it did not go through proper safety checking and maintenance. And most of the time, students are not aware if they are on a fishing vessel that is not maintained or illegal. This is risky as the condition of the vessel may not be good, and it can create bigger chances of emergencies.

4. Students are not aware of the policies

Using or being in a fishing vessel will entail the following policies, and many college students are not aware of these. They may easily be tricked or fooled by this risk.
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But if you are a student who is thinking of fishing, then you should think twice ongoing onboard a fishing vessel. Adventure means having fun and safe activity. You should never risk your safety just for the sake of going on a fishing vessel. If you want to go fishing, take all safety precautions first.

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