The French Revolution

The French Revolution was a war that was unlike any other war that was going on in its time. This war was thought of many years before it came about by peasants, and other hard working taxpayers, but could not be started based on a lack of funding. The French Revolution was based on political conflict, an ineffective ruler, religious affairs, economic hardship and little representation. Although those were the main conflict there was many more behind the scene deals that went on. France relied mainly on the third estate for money to run her government.

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If You Date a Separated Person?

If you date a split man?

I did.

Actually, I did not detect Larry's profile stated that he was split till I had been on my way into our meet-date! As usual, I had been time-challenged therefore it had been too late to generate a benaughty review and cancel.

As I was driving there I had been believing I was probably wasting my time.

My coffee was not even warm when along with the dialogue started...

Me: I discovered you're separated. What is up with this?

(The attractiveness of relationship like a grownup is you may discuss real things. Even awkward things.)

Notice I did not add any conclusions or assumptions to my own query. It was only simple, open-ended and after I requested it, I shut up and listened quite carefully to his reply.)

We have been living separately for a couple of decades.

Me: Why not divorced?

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