If You Date a Separated Person?

If you date a split man?

I did.

Actually, I did not detect Larry's profile stated that he was split till I had been on my way into our meet-date! As usual, I had been time-challenged therefore it had been too late to generate a benaughty review and cancel.

As I was driving there I had been believing I was probably wasting my time.

My coffee was not even warm when along with the dialogue started...

Me: I discovered you're separated. What is up with this?

(The attractiveness of relationship like a grownup is you may discuss real things. Even awkward things.)

Notice I did not add any conclusions or assumptions to my own query. It was only simple, open-ended and after I requested it, I shut up and listened quite carefully to his reply.)

We have been living separately for a couple of decades.

Me: Why not divorced?

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